There are plenty of very knowledgeable photographers that write excellent photography gear and software reviews, way better than I could ever do. Unfortunately, typing “review <insert camera model name>” doesn’t work that well these days, as the first few pages of results will just be from companies selling the items, with perhaps some customer blurbs, rather that thorough reviews. So here a few sites which I can highly recommend:

Thom Hogan Although the author doesn’t pump out the reviews as fast as other sites do, he does them very well. He is a very experiencedphotographer and focuses on what really matters in the reviews. Other than his excellent reviews, he writes really nice articles in which, being very well versed, he shares his views on various aspects of the photo business. A great site for the more experienced photo enthusiast.

Mansurovs Photography The author, although mostly focusing on the top end/professional gear, writes articles and reviews that are very well suited for novice photographers. A nice touch is that he takes time to answer a great deal of the many questions asked in the comments below his posts.

Photozone On this site you can find reviews of almost all of the top brand (DSLR) bodies and lenses.

DPreview Publishes extensive reviews of most of the popular digital photo cameras, from compact to DSLR, and lenses.

Nikonians – A great community, with a wealth of information on anything Nikon and support gear.

FrisianPhotography Reviews
Every now and then, I will share my thoughts on some of the products I use. The focus will be more on the user experience in every day photography, rather than going into very technical details and specs. The links to these reviews will appear on this page.


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Greetings, I compliment you on your writing and creativity of shots that convey emototion. I will come back often to see great images and seek to expand my creativity throgh you words and ideas. Anyone can take a picture, only a few can capture images that support ideas and convey emotions. Well done!

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