In this section you will find links to my news articles. These will cover things like the latest lens releases, the latest photo software updates, other photo product announcements and sometimes more general news. Hopefully I will soon be able to post about Nikon’s announcement of their new prosumer FX model (D800?), as I’m very eager to upgrade from my D300 to a full-frame model.

News on this website
Nikon D4, specs and thoughts

Nikon adds D4 to line-up

Other photography news sources
In the last few years the number of websites offering photography gear news and reviews has exploded. Here’s a few sites that I regularly visit, some for their accurate info on the latest products, others for quality reviews and others yet just for entertainment value.

DPreview One of the bigger digital photography news (and reviews) sites. Articles are published by various writers on a daily basis.

Nikon Rumors The author tries to keep us all posted on the latest Rumors surrounding Nikon gear. A great source of entertainment and for building expectations, just keep in mind that it’s called Nikon Rumors for a reason – things don’t always pan out as initially rumoured (although it usually turns out that he’s got good sources).

Nikonians A great community, with a wealth of information on anything Nikon, but also a great source of information for various types of photography, with a lot of seasoned experts offering their advice.


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