Panorama teaser

Now that work has wound down a bit, I’ve finally got some time to work on finishing my post on panorama photography. I’m going to have some schematic examples in the article, but since we just got some fresh snow, I decided to get some real field examples this morning before work.

If you want to find out how I created this panorama, check back on Sunday, when I’ll have a full article on how to do panorama photography. Although the cropped images don’t do the full size images justice (due to file size restrictions on this blog), I’m sure I can convince those who are new to panorama photography to start trying it!

Don’t forget to click on the image to enlarge it. A second click will let you zoom in even more, try to spot the Alps on the horizon… and is that someone coming out of the shed?


Keep an eye out

Although I have a few articles in the works, I still haven’t been able to finish and post them. So here just a quick message to let you know that I’m still trying to find time to finish editing. Once work settles down a bit (in two days) I promise to get the first one online.

So keep an eye out for new posts. Expect articles on panorama photography, effects of perceived danger and a tutorial on composition, in which the burrowing owl seen here will feature as a model.

Nikon D4, specs and thoughts

While recovering from a jet lag (i.e.not sleeping when I should) I’ve been writing a bit more on the Nikon pro body, the D4. The rumours about this camera have quickly been replaced by previews and quick reviews by those lucky enough to hold it at one of Nikon’s press releases and those even luckier by getting some pre-release  hands-on time.

Since the D4 won’t be shipped until end of February  and we probably have to wait a bit longer for more thorough in-depth reviews, I’ll move on to what we have, the specs. Just remember: Although specs give a good indication of potential (lack of) quality, in the end it’s only the actual output that matters.
First off, the new Nikon D4 is not a revolutionary new model, nor was it expected to be. So, what are the differences and improvements compared to the venerable D3s? Continue reading

Nikon adds D4 to line-up

I just checked and found that the D4 (the long awaited new professional body) has already been added to the line-up.

Nikon pros and enthusiasts have been eager to hear about the successors to the D3s and D700 for a while now, with natural disasters at Nikon plants causing delays. So Nikon is starting the year big. I’m curious to see what else they have in stock for us in 2012.

The official press release is coming soon. I’ll try to add another update before my holiday comes to an end. Once I’m over the jet lag I’ll finish a few posts that I’ve had in the works before our holiday.

Capturing the right emotion

There can be a vast difference between how you think a place should make you feel and how it actually makes you feel. Consider the image below:

For those who are not familiar with this particular scene, you probably see a rather boring picture, shot in harsh day light. Some, however, might recognize it as the entrance to the former concentration camp of Dachau, in Germany. Either way, I bet most of you didn’t get a sense of sadness when looking at this image. Even once you know what you’re looking at, the image might still not ‘do anything’ to you. Today I’ll discuss how you can use photographic creativity to help evoke the emotion that fits the story you want to tell. Continue reading

Blogging to become a better photographer

The recipe
Before starting to write this first post, I had a quick look at first posts from a random selection of blogs. Most of them go by the following recipe: The author describes who (s)he is, what (s)he does and what’s going to be so unique about their blog, often topped off with a nice quote and a promise of much more to come.

I feel a bit like this fledgling Winter Wren: For the first time exploring a new world.

Nothing new under the sun
Within this setup, most authors try to come up with an original, unique first post, aspiring to bring in many readers. Unfortunately, with well over 150 million public blogs scattered over the world wide web (as tracked by, that’s going to be tough these days. So rather than trying to come up with some unique concept for the first post, I decided to simply start doing what I plan on doing in most of my posts: Share my work and thoughts on photography and related topics. I’m sure that I’ll be learning along the way, and hopefully I’ll also teach some readers a thing or two. Continue reading