D800 Review – Coming soon

Lately I’ve had little time to write about what I like to do so much, taking pictures. I’ve been busy at work, busy outside of work and busy getting setup for my new camera: When I ordered the D800, I also started upgrading my computer to be able to deal with the higher processing and storage demands the 75MB images (and video files) the D800 will generate.

Before going back to the core of my hobby (trying to take nice photos), I’ll do a review of my D800, which (surprisingly) arrived within two weeks of ordering. First I’ll go over the build and handling and after that I’ll go into the performance in terms of stills and video.

After that I’ll catch up on some other posts that I’ve been working on, while updating some of the outdated pages a bit. Oh yeah, and in between all of that, I hope to be taking some time to shoot with my new toy… stay tuned for the first part of my D800 review.


2 thoughts on “D800 Review – Coming soon

  1. Look forward to reading your review of the D800 based on hands-on usage since I have been interested in ordering it. The one thing holding me back is the cost and the overkill on the megapixels. I don’t think 36MP is really needed, and seems kind of gimmicky on the part of Nikon.

    • Personally, I wanted to upgrade to full frame for the bigger, brighter viewfinder (while taking photos, you’ll spend a lot of time peeking through a small hole, so it’s great if that hole is a bit bigger), the lack of (quality) ultra wide angles for DX (due to the crop factor the excellent 14-24 2.8 is a waste on a DX for example) and finally because at the moment there is no DX body that can give me the other things I want: Specific video capabilities (D7000 is pretty good though), high ISO performance and finally the build quality.
      If you don’t need the high resolution (most of us don’t) or video, I would advise to pick up a D700 instead. It’s an amazing camera. That said, if you consider that the D800 is sold at about the same price as the D700 at introduction, while having more upgrades than just the resolution, I’d say: If you like all the other upgrades (video and other small upgrades) over the D700, why not take it and get extra resolution to boot. Even if you don’t need it, I bet you’ll find yourself positively surprised how it can be quite useful at times (think cropping and the occasional big print). It does of course incur extra costs in terms of memory cards and computer upgrades.
      If you like to bring a DSLR on hikes, it’s a tough choice: The DX D7000 is a great camera (including video) and significantly smaller and lighter than a D700/D800, but is not as well built and might not deal as well with tough weather conditions (rain, blowing dust etc.).
      You can read a bit more on the high MP count of the D800 in my previous post (https://frisianphotography.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/d800-d4-5d-mark-iii-or-1dx-which-one-to-get/) and as promised, the first part of my D800 review will be up soon.


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